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reines d'afrique, femmes noires ayant marquées l'histoire de l'Afrique
ZANERIH is a brand that wants to enhance the value of women, hence the name of our first collection "KNENTO" which means woman in Lari, Congolese dialect. 
For us, the woman symbolizes the origin of all things, all too often the woman is not given due consideration. We wanted to highlight the exploits and courage of some of them through this blog and this collection, to show that affirming their convictions is not a matter of genres, but just determination.
We are committed to making you more than beautiful, we are committed to making you unique. 



Juliana rotich

Born in Kenya, she was educated at university in the United States.

His knowledge and experiences in computer technology enabled him to create thee BRCK box, this device allows easy access to the internet in areas not benefiting from stable conditions (lack of electricity etc.) it therefore allows switching and automatically connects to the nearest network, even in areas with poor connections or electricity.

Following the success of her electrical box, in 2007 she founded her company which aims to allow any individual to connect to a wifi, 3G or 4G network without electricity. 



 Fumilayo kuti

Also known as the pioneer of women’s rights, was involved in anti-colonial and socialist movements, which led to Nigeria’s independence.

She invested in politics.

She created associations to help illiterate women and disadvantaged traders through evening classes and workshops. She knew that if women wanted to impose their convictions and especially their rights, they had to be educated and educated.

To impose its influence in politics it multiplied initiatives to bend the authorities, such as the closing of markets, demonstrations or the refusal to pay women's taxes.



 Miriam Makeba

Real name Zenzi Makeba is an icon of South African music.

Throughout her career, she shed light on inequalities and racial issues in her country. In music, in cinema, but also in politics, she fought for African independence, her rights as a woman but above all as a black woman.



 Taytu Beful

 An Ethiopian Empress, born in the years 1851, she was one of the most influential women of her time, as she let no male influence dictate how she was to conduct her political and business affairs.

His country was becoming more and more coveted by Europeans because of the natural and cultural riches it contained.  The Empress opposed the Italian advances, which resulted in a battle, in which she participated by directing the men and nurses to come to the aid of the wounded.




 Ranavalona 3

Her real name is Razafindrahety is the queen who succeeded Ranavalona 2. The story of this queen is distinguished by the subtlety of her political and commercial decisions in her country, she made fundamental changes to change mentalities in her country. His reign began on July 30, 1883.

The Malagasy tradition at that time required the presence of exclusively male soldiers during a coronation, which it changed by requiring the presence of 400 girls and 500 boys students from the best schools in the capital.

She built more schools for girls in the country to give them better access to education and instruction.

She tried to avoid European colonization by strengthening trade and diplomatic relations with the United States and Great Britain, unfortunately to no avail.




 Ellen johnson sirleaf

Is the first woman elected president by universal suffrage in Liberia, she has built a solid experience and credibility.

She places the fight against corruption and the financial independence of her country as a priority in her economic policy thanks to the contacts she had made in finance.

Drinking water and electricity become accessible to all. 



  Yaa asantewa

Ashanti warlord or nicknamed queen mother is a warrior woman of the Ashanti people, now known as Ghana.

It is mainly known for the event called "War of the Golden Throne". This golden throne was a very important and sacred symbol among the Ashanti, the British representative at the time asked to sit on it in order to to impose his power on the people, for Yaa asantewaa that was too much insult.

While politicians tried to get an "arrangement" through meetings and discussions,  she decided to lead and assist various battles to defend her beliefs and the independence of her country.

Its history, influence hasstill today many little girls in Ghana and shows the power of an independent woman.





All of these stories are just tiny parts of their stories.
Zanerih, through this collection, these stories and the values associated with them, wishes to take a strong position.
Because our mission is not just to value women, our mission is to bring out the most beautiful in each of them, for true beauty is expressed through the heart.

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  • Ikoma Josephat on

    J’ai beaucoup aimé la façon dont vous valorisez les femmes a travers vos articles que Dieu Vous bénisse

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