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Did you know ?

 The lotus is a plant which usually grows in ponds, swamps and unpleasant environments. it is water-repellent, self-cleaning and temperature-regulating it therefore remains beautiful despite its surroundings and it is even said that the more muddy and opaque the water, the more beautiful it is. 


However, the lotus is hardly born. Before coming out of its vase, the lotus is carried away and tossed about by the water. It must follow the currents, resist the storm, bow to the waves; this past tumult, it can finally flourish. It is from there that she draws all her strength. Water and air are the elements that keep it alive.


 A fascinating flower 

The lotus flower, also called the sacred lotus, only blooms during the day. At night, the flower returns to its shell and closes. The plant can reach only 125 centimeters in height. On the other hand, it can extend up to 3 meters in width.


The sacred lotus is revered as a symbol of spiritual purity and longevity, it can survive in harsh weather conditions while its seeds can remain viable for a thousand years indeed the proteins contained in the lotus seeds remain able to promote germination of seeds so that the flower can be reborn again.

The lotus is an edible plant. The stems, like flowers, leaves, seeds and roots are used in Asian cuisine. In some Asian cuisines, tubers are for example steamed or fried.

When flowering comes, the flowers provide a heat of 30 ° even if the outside temperature is 10 °. It brings warmth and comfort to a house. During the hot seasons, they flower quickly. When the cold season comes, the plant goes into hibernation.


His color

The lotus can have different colors of flowers. Its flowers can be white, pink, red, blue, purple and yellow. Depending on the family to which it belongs:

  • The white and pink lotus flower, from the Nelumbo family are considered pure flowers. They thus represent purity and devotion.
  • The red, purple, colorful lotus flower represents spirituality, rebirth, enlightenment or ascension.
  • The green lotus flower represents hope. It can be given as a gift to someone who is going through a difficult time in their life.



Its meaning

The lotus flower symbolizes several spiritual essences:

  • The evolution of existence : the fact that the lotus produces its seeds and flowers simultaneously makes it a strong symbol. This means that the spiritual evolution of humans is not linear.
  • The purity : The purity of the lotus is evoked by the fact that it is born in dirty and muddy environments, but the flower remains immaculate. Its colors do not fade. In effect, this means that like the flower, we can stay pure (in soul and spirit) even though we live in a dirty and polluted environment.
  • Awakening : the purity of the lotus also takes us to spiritual awakening. This means that even if you start out from a rather unfavorable condition, you will still have the opportunity to elevate yourself, to develop yourself beyond your starting condition. This means that humans should not be overwhelmed by negative instincts and impulses that sometimes lead to suffering. You have to try to look beyond what hurts and try to get the best out of it.
  • Renewal : It also means renewal. Each evening, the flower closes in its envelope, to bloom again the next day. She gets rid of her petals to make new ones bloom. Like her, we also need to get rid of all our worries, our negative energies of the day when the evening comes. The next day we wake up with new energy.




The lotus flower is a flower that blossoms in adversity. This delicate flower is a symbol of strength, success, awakening, self-development.
It is for all this that I have chosen it as one of the symbols of ZANERIH because I consider that the characteristics which define this so particular plant agree perfectly with the human being in general and more particularly with the woman. We are all unique but in this uniqueness we all have deep within us this strength, this ability to come out of all trials, this purity, this ability to constantly renew and surpass ourselves. 
Let's stop finding excuses, escape routes, don't let our environment get the better of who we really are, our beauty and our freedom because it is not up to our environment to define us but to us to define our environment. It is fundamental.










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