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Our state of mind

If ZANERIH was a woman,
she would be this sensitive but combative woman. 
She would be a reserved yet extroverted woman  
A woman who knows what she wants and or she wants to go  
A woman with her weaknesses  
A woman in pain, but who knows her pain is always only temporary  
A woman who is very lucky but has not yet completely consciousness  
A woman who should value herself a little more 
A woman with a future all mapped out with great experiences, ups and downs but a blazing future  
If ZANERIH was a man 
 He would be a gentleman
A man who will always put love and humility rather than hate
A humble man
A man who seems cold and arrogant at first, but turns out to be one of your best encounters.
A man who knows how to make you display your best smile even when he gets on your nerves 
The one who will accompany you, even in the hardest times
A being who pushes you to be the best version of yourself on a daily basis. 
If ZANERIH was a state of mind, a feeling 
She would be a feeling of hope  
This feeling of confident expectation to see what we desire come true  
This is how it is defined  
Aspiration, Assurance, expectation, future, certainty, conviction, desire, hope, optimism, 
So many synonyms for this feeling which seems simple but which is nevertheless so complex  
Especially in the society we live in today  
Because in reality the world today instead uses terms like distress, grief, torment, suffering, anguish, affliction, contrariety, disillusionment,  
So much of synonym to simply speak of despair  
The opposite of hope 
ZANERIH is hope, renewal, now.  
If ZANERIH was a memory 

She would be that memory that reminds you where you come from

A memory that reminds you of the hardships you endured to become the sublime person you are today.

This memory that comes to you and that makes you display a shy smile,

This memory which always gives you a strong emotion,

A memory that has gripped you so much that it is linked to a sound, a music, a smell, a perfume or even a taste.

Quite simply, that memory you will never forget. 

 If ZANERIH was a color  
She would be the color yellow 
Did you know that in history the color yellow has been an unloved color 
It was a color with often negative connotations synonymous with betrayal and I pass  
Yet it is an exciting color  
Yellow symbolizes light, the clarity.  
Yellow like a sun at its zenith on a beautiful summer day illuminates the vision and brings to the one who contemplates it the necessary energy at the awakening of her consciousness 
Yellow is joy, happiness, good humor. 
If ZANERIH were a season 
She would be spring  
Because spring is the season of renewal  
This is the season when everything blooms again  





By creating zanerih it was a second chance at life for me. 
Why go on jewelry? Because for me since I was little, jewelry is these small objects that can tell great stories. 
Zanerih jewelry for me is timeless, transgenerational, I wanted them to please both my mother and my little sisters as much as they could please my grandmother because we all have a different story to tell. I wanted every woman, regardless of her age, her culture, her origin, to be found in each of the jewels. I can't wait to introduce the future zanerih collections because I think that through them many will be able to travel, through the countries, the stories, the cultures that I have been able to discover myself and that I would still discover for the rest of my life. 
Because Zanerih is that, an adventure, a journey, discoveries, human experiences . Far beyond the materialistic dimension of the jewelry itself. 

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